What is Tender Conflict?


Tender conflict is a solo project by me. This is my outlet for expressing myself through music.

I started this project when living at my grandparent's house to get away from home. I had always played piano when I was younger but I never composed anything until I started using Reaper on my laptop with some video game soundfonts downloaded. I was all alone and going through hell, but music was a way to endure it.

Some time after moving back into my parent's house I was able to come up with a song that I was finally proud of called "Drills". I spent some time after that coming up with a name, It took a few days but I ended up with the name tender conflict and was happy with it and how it looked. I eventually made more and then created my first album during that summer of 2022.

With the support of my friends, especially those in Ontario, my mother, and my love, I have been able to keep on going and bring more music into this world.

Some fun stuff: Im a big Toronto Maple Leafs Fan and a nerd who cosplays. I love the bands Ween and the Scary Jokes.